Sunday 25 November 2012

A friend of mine found himself in the position of needing to write a CV and not having a text editor installed on the laptop they were using. Normally I would suggest that he use Google Docs Drive but another friend suggested that he use LaTeX to produce something professional looking.

This first friend is not a technical man so my initial reaction was that he would be rather averse to learning even the basic amount of LaTeX required to generate a CV using moderncv for example. But, I thought, he might not be so averse to learning the basics of Markdown necessary to write a CV in it; though I sincerely doubt he'd be willing to figure out the mess of pandoc, Makefiles, and LaTeX templates I use to generate my CV (purloined from

To solve this I produced a simple web application that takes an uploaded Markdown file (in the correct format) and produces a rather nice looking CV out of it.

try it here

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