Tuesday 10 April 2012


Source here - Use it here

A thingy I wrote whilst procrastinating. Currently hosted at mess.ninjalith.com.

From the readme:

MessyPaste is primarily a thing I threw together to get to grips with Google App Engine and web.py.
It's a write-once (like pastebin type sites) interlinkable (like wikis) url-keyed ... thingy.
It accepts markdown input and uses pygments to add syntax highlighting to code and MathJax to turn LaTeX formulae into display formulae.
Everything on mess.ninjalith.com is a mess except /source and /code which both display the currently running source code via python's inspect module.
As usual, the source is on Bitbucket. The next steps for this project would be adding a code editor rather than a simple textarea.

The edit page is now using Codemirror rather than a simple textarea and is generating previews when the user stops typing for a short time. Preview generation is done server-side to ensure they are exactly the same as what will be created.

My future intentions are now:

  • Rewrite the stylesheet to make use of responsive design
  • Use progressive enhancement to provide a minimal version to people without Javascript
I've also started using messypaste to write up my revision notes.
You can find the computer security ones here and yes: it's starting to look very much like a wiki.


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